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靈の丹符合優良藥品制造規範(GMP) 標準

Reishi D is made by GMP Certified Manufacturer

Reishi D Standard Package Image靈の丹的所有成份都是採用<美國草藥藥典與治療概要>,日本漢藥專著及中國<神農本草經>所記載的公認為最有效、最名貴的材料。100%破壁純赤靈芝孢子精華及靈芝子實體精華,配以中國名貴滋補藥材冬蟲夏草菌絲提取精華及天然蜂膠萃取物,由資深醫學專家經過多年進行的大量深入科學研究,運用最新生物工程提取工藝配制而成。

Reishi D. is a new generation of natural health product that contains the superior ingredient listed in “American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium”, Japanese and Ancient Chinese medical encyclopedias “Shen Nung’s Ben Tsao Zing” and “Ben Tsau Gung Mu”. Combining with many years of scientific researches, laboratory test and using the most advanced techniques and technology, these active ingredients: “100% sporoderm breaking reishi essence extract” and “Reishi essence extract”, one of the most expensive nourish Chinese medicine “Cordyceps Sinesis essence extract” and the best of Mother Nature product “Propolis” are proven to be effective in promoting health and longevity; testing have shown Reishi D. is very effective on diabetes, allergies, hypertension, high cholesterol and recuperating after surgery or illness.

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