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Reishi D is effective in boosting overall health and immune system

  1. 40 year-old Mr. Tung was found to have sinus cancer in 2000, he had 6 months radiation treatment.  However, in 2003, 2004 the cancer came back strong and he had to have 6 months chemotherapy treatment.  Unfortunately, in summer 2005, the cancer cells grew, his oncologist gave him steroid for 1 month, it did not help and his whole person appeared bloated.  Then, he was arranged to have chemotherapy again in Jan 2006.  Previously, he had tried many natural supplements claimed to be helpful in treating cancer, but none worked.  In December 2005, he tried Reishi D. (our product), he took 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night.  After 1 week, he felt great, there was no more blood in his mucus.  When he started chemotherapy in Jan 2006, he increased the dosage of Reishi D. to 3 in the morning  and 3 at night.  He found that Reishi D. helped him a lot, he did not have any side effect of chemotherapy like before(i.e.nausea, bald-headed and overall fatigue and weakness).  More amazing is that his red blood count and white blood count is normal even during chemotherapy.  He is so thankful of Reishi D. that he recommends to all of his family and those he met at the hospital while awaiting chemotherapy.


  2. 50 year-old Mr. Ho had bone marrow transplant surgery in the beginning of 2005 but after that, he was so weak and tired for at least 9 months.  His wife saw our advertisement and bought Reishi D. for him.  He took 2 in the morning and 2 at night for about 1 month and he immediately felt the difference: he was more energetic and felt stronger, his smile even came back.  Now he recommends Reishi D. to all of his friends as supplement.


  3. 45 year-old lady in Vietnam had a swelling on her tongue and she could not eat.  Her husband took her to Woo Chi Ming city to see a specialist.  They spent about 50 million Vietnamese money during the 4 months treatment but it did not cure her.  The doctor even asked her husband to take her back to home and prepare for her funeral.  Luckily, her relative in Vancouver saw our advertisement and thought Reishi D. might help her, so she bought 2 boxes of Reishi D. and asked a friend to take it to Vietnam to her.  The lady took Reishi D. 2 in the morning and 2 at night for about 2 days, and the swelling began to dwindle.  After 1 week, she felt great and went back to work.  She recommends Reishi D. to all of her friends.


  4. 40 year-old Mr. Cheung discovered a small lump on his buttock 10 years ago, his doctor said it was a benigned fatty mass.  Since the size is negligible, Mr. Cheung was advised to wait till it grows to a considerable size to consider surgery.  Last year, the mass grew to the size of a plum.  However, the surgery is not covered by MSP now.  Mr. Cheung was very frustrated, luckily he saw our product’s advertisment, so he started taking Reishi D. twice daily.  After 2 weeks, the mass started to shrink.  One month later, its size reduced to half of its original size and after six months, it further reduced to almost negligible.  Not only that, his sufferings from hemorrhoid has been cured.


  5. 50 year-old Mr. Chow went to donate blood in the Blood Service Agency but found out his blood pressure was too high.  He then went to see his family doctor and discover that his blood pressure is 180/90.  He was prescribed with medicine but even after taking the medicine for about 4 years, his blood pressure still stays at 145/90.  In October 2005, Mr. Chow started taking Reishi D. 1 in the morning and 1 at night, 2 hours apart from his taking medicine.  After about 2 months, his blood pressure dropped to about 125/82.  Another 6 months later, he has reduced his medicine by half while still taking Reishi D. 1 in the morning, 1 at night.  He hoped with the help of exercise, diet and lifestyle change and Reishi D., he can have normal blood pressure without any medicine one day.


  6. 52 year-old Mrs. Au said her whole family takes Reishi D.  She had took another Reishi product (from Japan) for many years but she did not feel anything.  In 2005 Christmas, her son bought 1 box of Reishi D. for her as Christmas gift.  She took it for 3 days and she felt good overall.  Her 24-year-old daughter has low blood count eversince but last year, the blood count was so low that it even worried her doctor.  As advised by her mom, she then started taking Reishi D.  After 10 months, her blood count becomes normal.  So the whole family takes Reishi D. faithfully to maintain good health.


  7. 65 year-old Mr. Chow was diagnosed with leukemia in 2007, he was so weak and his face pale and grey.  He was arranged to have chemotherapy in March.  Since his family believes Reishi D. can help boost immunity and reduce bad side effects of chemotherapy, Mr. Chow was asked to take Reishi D. in heavy dose., 3 in the morning and 3 at night.  Mr. Chow finds Reishi D. very effective because he did not have nausea nor baldness and he felt good overall.  He has undergone a total of 4 chemotherapy sessions and in his latest medical check-up, he was found to be free of cancer cells.  He looks good now and insists on taking Reishi D. for maintenance of good health.


  8. Mrs. Ching works in a restaurant and she has headache, shoulder and back pain, anemia and many other ailment.  She took Reishi D. for about 9 months and now she feels good and does not have so much pain.  She is no longer anemic and her overall health has improved.


  9. 68 year-old Mrs. Chan suffered from Alzheimer disease and has been taking medicine for it.  But after taking Reishi D. for a period of time, she is more energetic and does not have any symptoms of Alzheimer.


  10. 40 year-old Singaporian Ms Chan has constipation and migrane eversince, her father died of Colon cancer and her mother has breast cancer.  Since her relatives in Canada all take Reishi D. as a supplement, so they advised her to take Reishi D. After a year, Ms Chan has no migrane and has no problem going to washroom.  She feels very good.


  11. 40 year-old local beautician had stomach problems and hemorrhoid due to her busy schedule.  She had tried a lot of other dietary supplements but did not help her.  In December 2005, she started taking Reishi D. , after 2 months, her stomach problems was no longer there and because she could go to washroom regularly, she felt even the hemorrhoid was gone.  She knows that if the body condition is at its optimal level, the person will look good even on the face.  So she recommends Reishi D. to all of her clients.


  12. 40 year-old Japanese restaurant owner had a very sensitive digestive system.  He had tried a lot of supplement but did not work.  But after taking Reishi D. for 2 months, his conditions have improved a lot and he even said Reishi D. helps him with his urination.


  13. After taking Reishi D. for 6 months, Susanna’s fibroid has dwindled.


  14. 60 year-old Vancouverite Ms Leung could not speak clearly and walk properly after a stroke.  She took Reishi D. for 3 months and she could think and talk better.  She said Reishi D. even helped in lowering her blood pressure.  She recommends it to all her family.


  15. Mrs. Chow of Edmonton suffered from some sort of skin rash for a few years.  She had seen herbalist and took over 100 herbal medicines but it did not help her with the problem.  She then went to see her family doctor and was prescribed with some steroid ointment.  It worked when she rubbed the ointment on the skin but since her whole body had rash, it was quite impossible to cover every single area.  Besides, she knows steroid has a lot of side effects.  She then tried Reishi D., after 2 months, she noticed the rash on her body disappeared and her skin is smooth again.  She hopes by taking Reishi D. for a longer period of time, her immune system would be boost and she would not have to worry again.


  16. Vancouverite Ms So was undergoing menopause, she was emotional,  her feet and body were always itchy.  After taking Reishi D. , she felt better, had less mood swing and did not feel the itch.


  17. Ms Leung came to Vancouver from Vietnam 15 years ago.  She had asthma for many years and relied on steroid spray to ease her condition.  However, lately, even the spray could not help her and her mouth was so dry and uncomfortable. She then tried taking Reishi D., 3 in the morning, 3 at night.  After 1 month, she felt much better and during that month, she did not have to use the steroid spray at all.  Now she has reduced the dosage to 2 in the morning and 2 at night and she felt the longer she took Reishi D., the better her body felt.  She now even looks better and healthier.


  18. 50 year-old Mrs. Liu had breast cancer surgery a year ago but the area where the stitches were still tight and hurt.  She told us after taking Reishi D. for 2 weeks, the tightness is gone and the whole area goes unnoticed.


  19. 70 year-old Mrs. Wong has high blood pressure so she always exercised by playing badminton.  But because her knee hurted , she has stopped exercising for a while.  She took Reishi D. for a month and she felt her knee pain is gone.


  20. 60 year-old Mrs. Chow worked in a garment factory, she sewed with machine. Her vision gets blurred and eyes watery as she aged.  She said after taking Reishi D. for 3 weeks, her vision is better and eyes not as watery.


  21. 50 year-old Mrs. Li has insomnia, anxiety and depression.  After taking Reishi D for a week, she sleeps better and has more energy during the day.


  22. 80 year-old lady in US was weak overall and the legs too weak to stand or walk, relying on wheelchair to move around, has high blood pressure and diabetes.  She had skin reactions(i.e. rash) with medicine.  As advised by a herbalist, she took Reishi D. and the rash was gone.  A few weeks later, her appetite was improved, her energy is back and she does not have to rely on wheelchair to move around, she can slowly stand and walk.


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